Kenya Villages Project

“It takes a village to raise a child"

is a saying I’ve heard many times, and it’s so true!
Many Villages in Southern Kenya have been devastated by drought in recent years.

With your help, we can raise the quality of life so that each day is not spent in hunger or thirst, nor the tiresome work of finding enough food and water to feed their families.

Dr. Muteti was born and raised in Itaava Village in Kenya. She serves as the director and oversees all operations and administrative activities of the organization.

Please join us, and our friends, to ease this burden.

Thank You So much,

Dr. Tabitha Muteti-Allen

Our Team

Dr. Tabitha Muteti


Mr. Bernard Thompson

board member

Mr. Bernard Thompson is a retired South California Business Owner .
He is a board member of Kenya villages and also serves as our USA outreach and fundraising director

Mr.  Roger Allen Giles is a Co-Founder of  Non-Profit organization. He is based in the United States team

Mrs. Justina Mwanza

Kenyan Team Member

Mrs Justina Mwanza is our lead team member based in Kenya. She makes sure that our operations are going smoothly.

Mr.  Mativa oversees and assists with the projects in Kenya