Kenya Villages Project

We are a US based non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life in the drought stricken regions of Southern Kenya, through partnerships, collaboration and by empowering community development. Our first mission is to provide basic life sustaining food and water needs for the most vulnerable.

Our second mission is to provide basic needs while giving skilled job training to the villagers living in these affected areas.

These people struggle every day to find clean water and feed their children. 

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See how you can make a difference in families' lives with just $7 a month. We ask children to give a hand to their suffering peers in Southern Kenya, by donating only $7 a month.

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Your support will go a long way to help suffering children in Southern Kenya, Please make a monthly commitment to literally save lives.

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Call upon family and friends to give with meaning! Give a one time donation.

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Areas We Are Changing Lives In

Food Security

While we strive to help children pursue their education, it is virtually impossible for the children to pay attention at school with empty stomachs. That is why we are working with our partners to help families with food security as a foundation for their children before they go to school. Please give us a hand help these children.

Help a Child Pay Tuition

Children of poor families in Southern Kenya are less likely to enroll in and complete schooling because of the poverty in which they are born. Parents often struggle to put meals, and in some cases a single meal on the table a day. You can get involved!

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